Conferences & Teambuilding

Meetings at Boerenkamer Leeuwendaal is very suitable for groups who want to work in a peaceful rural setting. The rooms, suitable for 5 to 60 to 70 people, are furnished in the desired layout. Leeuwendaal is located in Noord-Holland, in the Purmerpolder, near Edam-Volendam and Amsterdam. Wireless internet is available throughout the property.

Of course, the kind of arrangement to suit your wishes, U-setup, theater, in a circle, with or without tables. You ask and we turn, everything is customizable.
In the garden room you can easily have workshops, the floor can become wet (for eg felt or paint workshops)

Food, drink and overnight
For us it is important that you feel comfortable and that you can meet in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. When using the rooms at Leeuwendaal you have several options. You can leave the catering completely to us, choose total self-care or something in between. Of course, we would like to help you with local caterers and / or local produce. The kitchen at Leeuwendaal is fully equipped to make a cooking workshop or dinner together (as part of a team process) no problem. We have 10 guest rooms that can sleep up to 30 people.

The atmosphere at Leeuwendaal
Hospitable and casual is our devotion, with a good eye for wishes and possibilities. From experience we know that the atmosphere can make a significant contribution to the quality of your meeting. Privacy is one of the things we pay extra attention to. This is because of our expertise and personal attention, you can work in a relaxed atmosphere.


Our experience has taught that pleasure and energy in your meeting are boosted by an outdoor activity. For example, after a match of cow milk or a game of farmer’s wave, the people with red cheeks and an open mind get back to work.

The activities are suitable as a break for a meeting, team building and / or business trips.

At Leeuwendaal there is accommodation for 30 people.

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